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Dex and the Humanimals


Animaton - Comedy/Action 52X11 minutes

IN PRODUCTION: 6X11 minutes

Join Dex as he saves the world from destruction by battling Iris and her cybernetic henchmen.


Series Synopsis: Trouble is brewing in Chronopolis, a timeless high-tech world where human-animal hybrids called Humanimals have been living in harmony for centuries. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for power, Iris is now building an unstoppable army of Cybornimals to extend the tentacles of her evil organization over the entire Humanimal world, threatening its very existence.


In her quest to subjugate the untamable Sector 8 of Chronopolis and dominate the world, Iris created the perfect weapon; a Cyborg with optimized strands of Humanimal DNA who presents as a human boy. Invested with extraordinary mutation powers and an independent wild streak, this infinitely powerful creation has become her own worst enemy. Meet DEX!

Watch Dex as he transforms and evolves into the unexpected hero of Sector 8. With Zola and Skung, Dex creates a group of rebels resolved to protect the world from Iris’s destructive plans.

Created by Raymond Boisvert et Paul Stoica


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