Remember that feeling you had as a child…when you first fell in love with an amazing television show, a fascinating character or a fantastic story? EPIC STORYWORLDS mission is to deliver that feeling by providing the worlds best creators with the tools they need to build long-lasting global properties that will mark a new generation of kids.  


Co-founders Steve Couture and Ken Faier and have decades of cumulative experience in children’s entertainment, animation, video game development and driving innovation in kids’ entertainment franchises. 

EPIC STORYWORLDS is a sister company of EPIC STORY MEDIA based in Toronto, Canada.



Steve Couture - founder partner

Steve Couture is a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment business.  More than ten years CEO of Frima, a videogame company he has cofounded, Steve acted as Producer and creator on numerous projects. More than 100 Million of kids played with Frima’s games over the years.  Whether on tablets, web games, console or any screen with pixels, Frima was, under Steve’s leadership, constantly innovating in gaming as well as youth content.

Frima’s electronic lab contributed to creating connected toys and innovating game experiences for major toy players like Lego, Mattel and Hasbro. 

Frima FX, the animation and special effects branch was hired to work on major IMAX productions as well as Hollywood productions.  It also did service work for several movie features films (The Rooster of Saint-Victor, Mission Yeti, Dofus) and animated series (The W, Lego Bionicle).


Tech savvy, driven by content and ambitious, in 2017, after contributing to the creation of one of the largest youth entertainment company in Canada, Steve leaves Frima to tackle new challenges.  He now concentrates on the creation of youth animated series with huge branding potential.  Many times, Award winner in the videogame industry, the youth content and the business world, Steve, bachelors in computer science and MIT graduate, enjoys passing on his passion through teaching in college and university.  He has been invited many times to speak in the local business community and to give conferences in the international gaming industry events.


Ken Faier - founder partner

Ken served as SVP and GM and then SVP and Executive producer for DHX Media after DHX acquired Nerd Corps Entertainment, where Ken served as El Presidente for over 10 years. Ken Faier was instrumental in building the company into a world-renowned studio with each of its original properties sold to over 150+ territories, and he continues to drive the success of those properties globally.

Ken has executive produced hundreds of episodes of original properties, including the Emmy-winning action/comedy Slugterra, League of Super Evil, Storm Hawks, Kate & Mim Mim and more recently for DHX continues to serve as Executive Producer on Mega Man for Cartoon Network, Massive Monster Mayhem for Nickelodeon and The Deep, which is airing globally on Netflix, CBBC and Super RTL.


Prior to Nerd Corps, Ken Faier was Vice President of Production and Distribution for the children’s division at Alliance Atlantis. Prior to Alliance Atlantis, Ken was with Brunico Communications where he launched KidScreen as the founding Publisher and eventually KidScreen Summit.


Ken has a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Montreal.

Ken brings his deep experience to market in launching Epic Story Media and its long-term mission of bringing joy to the world! It’s Gonna be Epic!


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Louis Leclerc

Chief Digital strategy


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Marlene Schmidt

Head of production

Jessica Labi

Head of distribution &

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Head of licensing &


Lori Kilback

Head of business affairs

Cormac Monaghan 

Head of finance



And a lot more to come